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Quality PORTA CABINS for hire in Bahrain. Click here to find out more information about Portable cabins in Bahrain.
Porta Cabins Hire Bahrain

Al Rowish Construction - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:402
High quality portable cabins equipped with public utilities in accordance with the International standards.
For Deals : call 6500 8844
Ematco Factory - Porta Cabin - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:852
We specialize quality portable cabins at competitive prices and meeting the client\'s requirement as per their specifications.
Mister Machine - Porta Cabin Hire - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:1017
Call Abu Amer Equipment Hire for the best PORTABLE CABINS in Bahrain. We can provide you the best portable cabins in Bahrain to suit your ne...
A.K. Almoayed Group - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:1151
Our specialized team has the expertise and technical knowledge of advanced material and fabrication processes of portable cabins in conforma...

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