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Last Updated : May 28, 2015
Arabian Exhibition Management Bahrain.
+973 17550033
Arabian Exhibition Management is a pioneer of professional exhibition and conference organisation in the Middle East and India.

Arabian Exhibition Management is an affiliate of the world’s largest private association of organisers, managers and consultants in the field of international trade shows, Allworld Exhibitions.

Allworld Exhibitions can trace its roots back over one hundred years and is a global leader in assisting exporters to penetrate emerging markets. Allworld Exhibitions events are well established in many of the world’s most dynamic markets across China, the Middle East, South East Asia, and North Asia. Recently it has moved into the new and exciting economies of Russia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Allworld Exhibitions members currently organise some 150 international exhibitions throughout the world. Members of Allworld Exhibitions, like Arabian Exhibition Management, are able to use the international reach and reputation of 34 representative offices to attract greater global participation at events and create shows of a truly international standard

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